Spacious bowls Thanks to our innovative manufacturing techniques all GROHE sinks feature bowls with a generous depth of min 16 cm maximising space for washing large pots with ease Water drainage Drainage from the bowl s base and drainers is an important feature always well cared for on GROHE sinks In the squared out flat bottomed sinks good drainage is ensured by the elegant diamond shaped creases that make the water flow away more easily Siphon included For a quick and hassle free installation each sink comes with an under sink siphon complementing the scope of delivery and guaranteeing an ALL IN ONE solution Waste fitting with remote control GROHE sinks are equipped with a 3 5 waste fitting and practical strainer plug that prevents solids and leftovers from flowing away with the waste water The steel cap available on some models adds elegance to the bowl and hides any residue collected in the underlying basket 09 grohe co uk UK en 210x297 Sinks Brochure 2019 Content indd 9 02 09 19 16 23

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