Pre punched tap holes The most GROHE sinks come with two pre punched tap holes meaning no additional tools are required and many sinks are reversible and can be installed as either left or right handed option We can t claim to make washing up a joy but thanks to the smart useful features of every GROHE sink we certainly believe that we can make your sink somewhere you are happy to spend some time With a GROHE sink cleaning is easier draining the bowl can be done remotely and even the sound of the water running is minimised Just select your ideal size and style installation is effortless and the benefits speak for themselves FEEL THE BENEFITS INNOVATIVE FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS Overflow The overflow available on all GROHE sinks avoids any spillage of water in case the taps are inadvertently left open The perimetric solution available on some models improves the look thanks to its squared out and essential shape 08 GROHE KITCHEN SINKS UK en 210x297 Sinks Brochure 2019 Content indd 8 02 09 19 16 22

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