GROHE s collection of sinks covers every base from entry level models to sophisticated minimalist designs The way your sink is made will affect how durable spacious and sleek it looks Here are the three manufacturing types we use MOULDED SINKS Each sink is moulded from a single sheet of high quality stainless steel using a press mould Tap and waste holes are punched afterwards This method creates sturdy sinks in even complex shapes meaning a sink that is both durable and affordable MOULDED WELDED SINKS The sink s frame and bowl are press moulded in high quality stainless steel before being welded together This process allows for deeper bowls more vertical walls inside and a slimmer radius between bowl and frame for a sleek modern look BENDED WELDED SINKS High quality steel is laser cut to measure before being bent into the bowl shape This bowl is then welded to the sink s frame This method allows for crisper internal angles in the bowl with a very narrow radius ideal for minimal sink designs As there is no mould the steel stays smoother and retains its original thickness even at the bottom of the bowl MANUFACTURING PROCESS GROHE KITCHEN SINKS STAINLESS STEEL 18 UK en 210x297 Sinks Brochure 2019 Content indd 18 02 09 19 16 27

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