STANDARD BUILT IN Traditional built in with a vertical 8 mm edge FLAT EDGE An original edge with an inclined 3 mm high profile matching an extreme elegance with ease of installation AISI 304 On every sink model GROHE uses AISI 304 stainless steel exceeding the quality standard of the industry Thanks to the high percentages of chrome and nickel it contains AISI 304 steel gives a particularly bright finish and makes the products durable against rust and corrosion AISI 316 MARINE STEEL With AISI 316 available on the K400 series GROHE offers a durable solution even for regions with salty rust causing climates Also known as the marine steel AISI 316 is mainly used in the shipbuilding or chemical industries as it is famous for its high percentages of chrome nickel and molybdenum which make the steel extremely resistant to rust and corrosion and even acids or chlorine PATENTED BRUSHING TECHNIQUE GROHE SATIN FINISH The K300 K1000 series are treated with special vegetable fibres Tampico that give the sinks their characteristic extra fine satin finish that is highly elegant and functional GROHE s patented brushing technique creates a stainless steel surface that is smoother and less porous than many other brands making cleaning your sink easier and significantly enhancing its durability 16 GROHE KITCHEN SINKS STAINLESS STEEL UK en 210x297 Sinks Brochure 2019 Content indd 16 02 09 19 16 26

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