Dear Reader Welcome to this the eighth edition of our annual Water Intelligence Enjoyment publication featuring some of the most exciting iconic and innovative architectural projects from across the globe Introducing this book is a yearly opportunity for us at GROHE to take stock of our progress and achievements and over the last year we are proud to have taken great strides in the arena of digitization How do humans interact with water Enjoy it Better conserve it How can digitization improve the experience We consider these questions to be at the heart of our business as the digital home becomes a reality In the last year at GROHE we have launched an entirely new product category with our GROHE Sense and Sense Guard Using digital technology to alert homeowners to water leaks and to switch off the water supply remotely as well as offering monitoring functions the products take us forward into a world of greater consumer control over every aspect of their homes We see digitizing water as a huge leap forward for consumer confidence and conservation of this precious resource We re delighted to say that the impact is already being felt from this bold advance Our belief that innovative ideas can change the world was reinforced when in September Fortune magazine listed GROHE in its Change the World ranking Listing 50 companies that are having a positive impact on global problems we were the only German brand to make this illustrious list Fortune cited Sense and Sense Guard as well as our excellent water recycling figures in manufacturing as exceptional contributions to water sustainability and security Elsewhere we have committed huge investment to all of our factories We have opened a new manufacturing facility in Klaeng Rayong Thailand where solar panels and treatment and reuse of waste water have made it the most sustainable factory of its kind in SouthEast Asia At the same time an expansion of our site in Lahr has increased our capacities and created new jobs reaffirming our commitment to the Made in Germany mark of quality Linking both our new product categories and our investment in our manufacturing expertise is of course innovation the key to anticipating and adapting to consumer needs Our recent investment in 3D printing at our Hemer factory allows us to further explore individualization new materials and small batch manufacturing keeping our company at the forefront of progress It s an ethos that is ingrained within our own in house design team who operate at the very heart of our business and who have garnered over 300 design awards for GROHE over the last decade In 2017 alone we have received over 62 such awards For an insight into how the strength of GROHE s design team continues to carry us forward our interview with our VP of Design Michael Seum page 8 talking about recrafting the iconic Atrio collection is a must read Sustainability and expertise are another two pillars of the GROHE brand both of which have been at the heart of our work in the last year In 2017 we were awarded the prestigious CRS award by the German government recognising our commitment to sustainability through every branch of our business The innovative Sensia Arena shower toilet points to the importance of expertise Being part of the LIXIL family allows us to draw on centuries of Japanese bathing culture and decades of technical knowledge enabling GROHE to create a product that has become market leader in Germany over the first twelve months of being on the market It is this same ex pertise that will run through every aspect of a new bathroom ceramic category being launched in 2018 giving consumers the opportunity to create a complete GROHE bathroom for a harmonious perfectly integrated bathroom solution These same GROHE brand characteristics of quality tech nology design and sustainability are beautifully threaded through every project featured in this book each of which represents not just the best in global design and architecture but also the highest standards of luxury and sustainability You ll find so much to inspire you from the elegant combina tion of old and new that informs the Potsdam Museum Barberini page 50 featuring our infrared technology to the new five star Radisson Blu in Swinoujscie Poland built to LEED gold standards page 68 And what water lover could resist the idea of living in such close harmony with it as residents in the Jewels of Salzburg project page 14 where the buildings are designed to directly interact with the creek and rock formations around them In these pages you ll also find examples of our very latest products already installed in some of the world s most desirable hotels including Sensia Arena at Le Château de Beaulieu page 42 and our innovative SmartControl system in the beautiful Phang Nga La Vela page 166 As the founder sponsor of the World Architecture Festival WAF GROHE supports and celebrates the design communi ty in their endeavours to create some of the world s most outstanding buildings As the headline partner of the WAF Research Programme we are helping drive the next wave of innovation too challenging the community to find solutions to the problem of water scarcity In light of this we hope you ll agree with us that in this digital age the future of water has never been so exciting It s a feeling that everyone at GROHE carries into their work each and every day We hope that through this publication we can help pass to you the reader some of that enthusiasm optimism and excitement for how humans will interact with water into the future Michael Rauterkus CEO GROHE AG 7

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