KNOKKE HEIST AZ ZENO An ultra modern building complex was built to house the new AZ Zeno hospital The architects ambitious plan was to create a place where patients visitors and staff are all comfortable and where high quality care is cultivated Architecturally it is suspended above the landscape and the architec ture is meant to contribute to the healing process The contactless GROHE Eurosmart CE and Euro smart Cosmopolitan E are intelligent solutions in hospitals where hygiene regulations are extremely important Due to the seamless transition between body and spout they can also be cleaned easily Efficient technologies help conserve water and energy and are in line with the concept of the hos pital which has stringent environment protection guidelines The extra GROHE Europlus single lever sink mixer with pullout dual rinsing spray is robust for use in large kitchens and incredibly comfortable Architect THV AAPROG BOECKX B2Ai Planner Ingenium Installer Van Severen Address Knokke Heist Belgium Date of completion 2017 3 1 34

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