This holiday park in southern Holland is situated amidst lush forests and lakes Center Parcs offers cosy cottages in different categories for two to ten people During the creation of this cottage nothing was off limits Everything had to be right We would settle for nothing less than 100 says Hans Dek kers Director of Accommodation Cleaning at Center Parcs In every room we want our guests to marvel Wow I wish I had this at home explains Dekkers Guests will also have this feeling in the bathrooms thanks to the prizewinning GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet With GROHE Rainshower SmartCon trol showering in the cottage under trees becomes an incredible 3D experience In the kitchen there is the innovative GROHE Red boiler system enabling guests to obtain boiling hot water for tea directly from the faucet With the intelligent GROHE Blue water filter still or sparkling water can be tapped chilled or at room temperature 1 This Premium Villa is an expression of luxury and sustainability in the middle of nature It is the beginning of a new luxurious category at Center Parcs 2 GROHE can deliver water at a temperature of 99 C immediately The energy efficient titanium boiler under the faucet is hidden thus saving room With this clever solution energy and time are also saved With GROHE Blue the degree of carbonation and the water temperature can be set on the LED control unit 3 With the GROHE F Allure Digital in the bathrooms of the cottages the water volume and the spray pattern can be set using innovative plus and minus buttons Press Twist Shower perfect adjustment with SmartControl buttons 4 The new GROHE Sensia Arena shower toilet adapts to people s needs The spray functions and drying temperature with warm air can be controlled individually The forest wallpaper also makes it a place of freshness 31

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