1 The bedroom is in the west wing and the living and cooking area in the second wing 2 The east wood wall plane of the main space folds onto two concrete walls to form the main roof plane 3 The main space produces large transparent voids that open out onto a deck at the rear garden This space pulls the garden inwards 4 The Concetto basin mixer shines as the surface is refined with GROHE StarLight Blue conceptual accents are found repeatedly in different areas This modern building in Menlo Park California is an old ranch house that was thoroughly renovated and given a second wing Tailored to the needs of older residents it was designed so that everything is within easy reach The two wings gradually diverge from the original structure to generate a glass clad fissure in between Hence the interior and the gar den are interwoven and so natural green elements come alive in the building The bathroom contains the GROHE Allure Thermo static shower mixer which with resource saving GROHE EcoJoy technology fits perfectly in the modern Bal House With GROHE TurboStat the water temperature can be controlled extremely precisely and maintained regardless of the water pressure and supply The convincing GROHE Con cetto basin mixer with the inclined operating lever subtly invites usage 141

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