Inhale exhale arrive The me and all hotel has a clear intention and it is well received The interior designers from GEPLAN Design relied on reduction quality and global Zen Tranquility Security Togetherness The hotel is a declaration of love for Dusseldorf and intends to create precisely the space guests seek A temporary home a workspace or a space for exchange Local heroes travellers and lingerers come together here Dusseldorf for every one for a change There is only one faucet line that can pick up on this straightforward concept the GROHE Lineare series stands for straight lines and geometric minimalism Both at the me and all hotel and with Lineare the focus is on the elementary The GROHE EcoJoy water saving technology conserves valuable re sources At a hotel with constantly changing users this benefits the environment and the wallet Water consumption is reduced by up to 50 without compromising comfort 1 For the me and all hotel the perfect lounge is a mixture of many nice people good sounds comfortable armchairs and delicious food in a street food format With a great view of the city to boot 2 The Dusseldorf hotel has 177 rooms and suites that boast minimalist perfection 3 Guests shower with a view of the Dusseldorf Old Town Additionally the GROHE Euphoria shower system provides unlimited water enjoyment with the river Rhine outside the window and GROHE DreamSpray technology when showering 2 113

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