form that was important but also how the user feels about interacting with it That ineffable quality of the tactile For Michael the art of making someone want to reach out and touch the Atrio was once again based in the subtle almost subliminal use of GROHE s central design DNA elements The GROHE design DNA appears in every aspect he explains The circle as the purest of forms is the basis for the faucet as a whole but also the lozenge shape and the 7 degree angle that are GROHE design signatures the shape of the spout is drawn from a pure lozenge shape and the spout angle is also 7 degrees Laypeople could be forgiven for thinking that a redesign of an existing project is not as large a task as designing something completely new but for Michael the distinction is negligible I don t take the approach of a redesign being any different to designing from scratch Michael says I like to start all design projects in the same way We the design team get together with lots of blank sheets of paper so that we get input from everybody lots of ideas We have people performing very varied roles within the team so for example I worked with a technical engineer throughout the process The finished faucet went through 18 months of intensive design work with every existing element considered challenged and rethought Alongside the work of the whole in house design team the realization of the project was thanks to the incredible reservoir of engineering skill available at GROHE Michael emphasizes that the longevity of the product the elusive qualities that go into making any iconic design is not just about the visual work but also live in the craftsmanship which is then applied to make the design a reality This craftsmanship will in turn be something that the user experiences every day of the product s life If the redesign gave the designers nowhere to hide then the same was true of the technical demands The project not only pushed the design team but also the technicians and engineers at GROHE When I showed the drawings to the technical engineer at first he turned to me and said are you joking admits Michael In fact he said something not safe for print Because it was a huge challenge It s a very narrow aperture into which we have to fit a lot inside the faucet So it was technically very challenging The fact that GROHE not only rose to meet the demands laid down by the design team but were keen to embrace the updating of this much loved faucet design feels Michael is testament not only to the expertise within the company but also the desire to keep everything moving forward an appetite to improve on excellence It shows that progress is not always about technology he adds In the enthusiasm for digital advances and the exciting future for consumers offered by developments in the area of the Smart Home GROHE is also prepared to look at analog solutions as well as to learn from and build on their successes in order to remain at the forefront of the market Michael is keen to emphasize that the redesign had nothing to do with trends quite the opposite I think for every trend there is a counter trend he says The idea behind new Atrio is design permanence the design is going to last a long time However he admits that an additional benefit of the honed lines of the new Atrio is that it creates a product that can stand alone but is versatile enough to meet the evolving needs of the consumer or designer It s a faucet that can be very at home in a number of settings he says and as consumers demand a greater choice of finishes and variations one currently being met by GROHE s increased selection of brassware finishes so the Atrio is strong and streamlined enough to take on these extra options while retaining its own visual identity Longevity means creating a product with its own irreducible logic its own integrity which can sit comfortably within a variety of settings and styles without losing its own instantly recognizable identity In the new Atrio just this combination of versatility and solidity has been achieved The elegance of the Atrio collection gives interior designers architects and consumers more flexibility in terms of what type of bath environments they can create Michael says Atrio has a contemporary feel but I think with the right colour and finish this collection can totally transform to sit comfortably within other environments It offers the freedom to use it in any way possible Whether it is in chic sleek SuperSteel or a masculine Brushed Hard Graphite finish placed in a converted church Art Deco apartment or ultra modern warehouse the faucet will be instantly recognisable and enduringly desirable A statement of timeless taste made with precision 10

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