As ever more areas of our lives are affected by digital technology we look at how GROHE s team is working smart to shape the future of water As the brand that promises its customers cutting edge technology and design GROHE is fully com mitted to the digital transformation of water Indeed the growth of the Internet of Things means that by 2030 the number of sensors and devices is expected to increase to about 125 billion world wide from 21 billion in 2018 But GROHE doesn t develop digital innovations just for the sake of being innovative it creates new products and services that enable new business models with real added value for the brand as well as its customers and partners So merely connecting faucets to every one s WiFi won t do However how GROHE can help us make our homes intelligent and to live better lives in the real world as well as the virtual one Chief Digital Officer Robert Veltrup is here to explain He joined GROHE in 2016 with the over arching mission of digitalizing water starting with a team of six people Today GROHE s digital unit has around 50 employees We asked him to tell us more INTERVIEW PHILIPP NAGELS Which areas is GROHE focusing on in the digitalization of water Our three core areas are e commerce for our B2B clients online marketing and IoT Internet of Things The first two optimize how we use different digital channels to reach our customers and share with them what we call Pure Freude an Wasser Our IoT team looks a bit more into the future how can we help people build better homes with intel ligent digital water solutions We want to build a platform that will help to digitally transform living spaces in the future IoT is probably the biggest trend in technology today Which smart products does GROHE currently offer and what are their benefits Our focus here is to build intelligent systems that understand your behavior and help you use water as smartly as possible GROHE Sense Guard is one example Not only does it detect leaks and burst pipes it also studies your usage pattern and alerts you when something is off Or take the new Blue Home Connected a water system that lets you enjoy filtered and if you wish carbonated water while allowing you to also track your water con sumption That helps you take care of your well being If we look a bit further into the future we see enormous potential for our Sensia Arena shower toilet as a part of your health care system notifying you and your doctor if it detects abnormalities So it s not really about connecting every faucet to the Internet it s about introducing meaningful solutions Absolutely We re not interested in digitalization for the sake of it We have to ask ourselves what is meaningful to our customers And that can also mean how and when we interact with them On average people renovate their bathrooms twice in their lives These are the moments where we want to be present and make sure we offer them our best solutions We believe that this contact will take place in the digital sphere much more in the future grohe com Master en 193x257 GROHE BW Magazine 1 2019 Content 150dpi 89 11 11 19 17 19

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