HYDROPOWER FOR CLEAN ENERGY Himachal Pradesh India RESTORING BOREHOLES FOR CLEAN WATER SUPPLY Dowa Kasungu Malawi In Malawi GROHE supports a project that maintains damaged boreholes The hydropower plant uses the river s natural flow to generate energy The project is located on the Satluj River be tween Karcham and Wangtoo in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh As a hydro power plant the project uses the river s natural flow to generate energy Importantly there is no reservoir in which the water is temporarily stored and so the potential negative environ mental impacts of water storage are avoided In the underground turbine house four Francis turbines are driven by the power of the river wa ter before the water is returned to the river bed below All the power generated by the power plant is fed into the North Indian transmission grid and replaces conventionally generated electricity which mainly comes from coal fired power plants In the project s districts of Dowa and Kasungu in Malawi around half of the population lives with out access to clean drinking water Part of the problem is that around one third of the existing boreholes can t be used due to wear and tear Repairing damaged boreholes improves living conditions for the people who live there In addi tion the project also makes it possible to set up financing mechanisms to ensure the boreholes are maintained in the long term by the villagers thereby guaranteeing that they will be in a us able state for years to come Most boreholes are operated by a hand pump The pumped water is clean and can be consumed without additional treatment This also reduces carbon emissions since water would otherwise be purified using fuel to boil it grohe com Master en 193x257 GROHE BW Magazine 1 2019 Content 150dpi 87 11 11 19 17 19

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