Marcella Hansch has a vision Actually she has a few she wants to clean up our oceans repurpose the waste and educate the public about sustainability Her project Pacific Garbage Screening PGS supported by GROHE is designed to tackle all three With an interdisciplinary team of scientists engineers and marine biologists Hansch a trained architect is developing a waterborne platform that will collect plastic waste before it pollutes the ocean s ecosystems Using cutting edge technology the plastic will then be processed in the most sustain able way possible But that is Hansch s end goal for now the project is still in progress so she s busy shaping her vision spreading the word near and far about her work and educating the public about how to help the earth and its oceans Can you explain what the Pacific Garbage Screening project is about The PGS has two focus points One is to develop a tech nology that frees our oceans and rivers from plastic waste and to recycle it in a sustainable way And the other is to raise awareness of the plastic problem with public rela tions work to get people to change their behavior How did you get involved with this project It all started six years ago when I was diving Something touched my feet and I was shocked because I thought it was a really big fish But it was a plastic bottle That s when I realized that there was much more plastic around me than fish From that day on I started to see plastic everywhere on the beach on the streets in the super market at home How has your mission developed thus far From a technical point of view we started with this huge vision for the ocean In discussions with many experts especially marine biologists we realized that the ocean isn t actually the best place to start because this is plastic s final destination Once there a lot of it sinks to greater depths and does harm before it even reaches the great garbage patches where we wanted to collect it In Ph ot o P riv at e Pacific Garbage Screening PGS aims to free rivers and oceans from plastic pollution PGS was initiated by architect Marcella Hansch who developed the PGS project triggered by a key moment in diving INTERVIEW SAMI EMORY grohe com Master en 193x257 GROHE BW Magazine 1 2019 Content 150dpi 83 11 11 19 17 19

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