Water is a vital resource While it is a mat ter of taste in many regions of the world there are also countries where the quality of water taken directly from the faucet is too poor to be used for every purpose As a result bottled water often replaces tap water when it comes to preparing coffee or tea or getting a quick glass of water to quench your thirst The new GROHE Blue Pure filter faucets produce water with a pleasant taste and free from 99 9 of bacteria offering proof that things can be done differently Thanks to the four step filtration process the faucet turns into a source of pure wa ter as water enters the Blue Pure system the filter removes coarse particles which can taint tap water In a second step an ultrafiltration membrane eradicates 99 9 of all bacteria After that the taste of the water is improved by using activat ed carbon to purify the water removing substances such as chlorine pesticides and biocides The final stage filters out even the finest remaining particles with precision making it the perfect alterna tive for people who prefer the pure taste of still water And here s another plus with the GROHE Blue Pure filtration system you can source delicious water from within your home 24 hours a day and seven days a week The days of lugging around heavy bottles of water are finally over With GROHE Blue Pure you need zero bottles this is not only refreshingly easy and con venient but also helps the environment After all the amount of water that goes into making the bottle could be up to seven times what is inside the bottle In other words it can take up to seven liters of water to produce one single liter of bottled water In addition it might seem obvious but in a world that is slowly sink ing in a sea of plastic the issue is becom ing more urgent than ever So let s enjoy this new sustainable convenience one glass at a time Hydration is essential to regulating your body temperature Water helps strengthen vital organs and tissues Proper hydration has clear benefits for your immune system Water improves your complexion by preventing spots and blemishes Drinking enough water helps you beat dehydration a common cause of fatigue npr org sections thesalt 2013 10 28 241419373 how much water actuallygoes into making a bottle of water grohe com Master en 193x257 GROHE BW Magazine 1 2019 Content 150dpi 77 11 11 19 17 18

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