TripleVortex Three water outlets create a vortex effect with each flush covering and cleaning every corner of the bowl for ultimate hygiene The powerful flush is exceptionally silent thorough and effective Despite its power this flush requires very little water AquaCeramic This innovative surface treatment for the inside of the toilet uses a hydrophilic layer to prevent residues from sticking to the bowl and nano technology stops limescale from latching onto the surface Two self cleaning nozzles Spray arm heads are cleaned before and after each use and the nozzles themselves are made from 99 9 anti bacterial material When not in use the shower arms are safely hidden behind a removable nozzle shutter with antibacterial properties also preventing 99 9 of bacterial growth so the nozzles stay germ free at all times PlasmaCluster technology This technology releases positive and negative ions into the toilet that spread inside the toilet and in the air around it The ions make germs or bacteria harmless upon contact by destroying their structure Rimless bowl Corners and crevices are playgrounds for bacteria especially under the rim of the toilet bowl That s why we ve created the rimless bowl where every surface is easy to reach and requires minimum effort to keep clean A new level of hygiene is on its way and GROHE is at the forefront of this development The Sensia Arena shower toilet is a key part of this shift redefining what it means to be clean GROHE s shower toilet spray technology lets you choose spray type spray strength and position individually Softer on the skin more soothing and more hygienic than wiping with paper But there s more to it than your personal comfort so let GROHE s Sensia Arena broaden your horizons and maximize your bathroom s hygiene Registered trademark of Sharp Corporation grohe com Master en 193x257 GROHE BW Magazine 1 2019 Content 150dpi 61 11 11 19 17 17

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