GROHE MANUAL BIDET SEAT SPOTLESS HYGIENE When you close the bathroom door what sort of experience do you expect Comfort conve nience no mess no fuss and no worries about hygiene At GROHE we agree That s why the GROHE Manual Bidet Seat has been developed It offers a whole new standard of gentle person al cleaning that gives complete peace of mind Designed to fit your existing WC the GROHE Manual Bidet Seat offers targeted personal cleansing via two separate spray heads There is no danger of splashing or overshooting the bowl and no water on the floor to clean up afterwards The spray can be adjusted for your own comfort and hygiene is assured thanks to a cleaning function The GROHE Manual Bidet Seat transforms your bathroom into a hygienic and convenient personal cleansing zone where you can enjoy gentle cleaning with a relaxing tailored experience that you control Just take a seat and let the GROHE Manual Bidet Seat transport you to a cleaner more comfortable place It s that simple The GROHE Manual Bidet Seat transforms a simple toilet into a comfortable hygienic place where personal care and cleaning are second nature Attached to the ceramics of the WC the seat doesn t require electricity instead the spray is operated by a side lever powered only by water pressure putting the control at your fingertips for an effective but gentle cleaning experience No mess no splashes and no stress Made from hardwearing Duroplast the seat itself creates an elegant visual addition to the bathroom BEYOND WATER BATHROOM KITCHEN AND WATER STORIES 58 59 Master en 193x257 GROHE BW Magazine 1 2019 Content 150dpi 58 11 11 19 17 17

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