Like many raised in the UK I used to be perplexed by bidet seats But today with the developments in technology and design not having one is beginning to seem like a mistake Really if there s a simple plumb ing free modification that will make your bathroom and your body more hygienic comfortable and environmen tally friendly why wouldn t you install it It s this logic that has recently seen the bidet seat rocket in popularity in nations such as the USA where they ve traditionally been out of favor due to outdated miscon ceptions around their purpose and use All the while the bidet friendly majority of the planet looked on perturbed by northern Europe and North America s reticence to get with the hygiene program After all the 18th century French invention has been a legal bathroom requirement in Portugal since 1975 and 97 of Italian households have one Bidets are ubiquitous in the Gulf Middle East South Asia and South America And Japan is well known to be awash with high tech bidet integrated toilets Now thankfully it seems word of the bidet s many benefits is finally reaching the rest of us too Even so as a novice you might not be ready to plumb in a standalone bidet or commit to an electric digital ly controlled integrated version Thankfully following the runaway success of its Sensia Arena shower toilet GROHE have expanded their bathroom range to include a product designed especially for the bidet curious the GROHE Manual Bidet Seat This easy simple addition to any U shaped convenience will discreetly invite touch free hygiene into your life Not quite convinced Let s get specific GROHE s Manual Bidet Seat doesn t require electricity nor any additional plumbing work since the mechanism is based solely on the water pressure from the supply line eliminating the need for a power con nection The durable Duroplast seat is particularly easy to clean and can be used to quickly and easily upgrade any conventional toilet without having to replace the current ceramic or connect it to a power source All you need to do is swap the toilet seat The twin shower arm cleaned prior to every use ensures that you your family and guests experience true cleanliness every single day Rather than being a morning or evening only affair that shower fresh feeling can be had any time you wish And not just wiped clean with toilet paper which would never suffice for any other kind of mess but properly clean While we re talking paper in 2019 there s little excuse not to make lifestyle adjustments that benefit the environ ment wherever possible The Worldwide Fund for Nature reported that the equivalent of around 27 000 trees are flushed or otherwise dumped daily With the easy installation of a bidet seat household paper usage falls exponentially As well as saving money in the long term fixing a hygienic manually powered bidet seat to your toilet will boost your property s sustainability cre dentials Another plus Thanks to its slim and flat design the bidet seat fits harmoniously into the bathroom and is the perfect complement to the GROHE Bau ceramics line In conclusion less waste infinitely cleaner for everyone When will you be joining the bidet revolution The simple addition to your toilet that s cleaner and smarter It s time to join the bidet revolution TEXT SUZE OLBRICH FUTURE HYGIENE grohe com Master en 193x257 GROHE BW Magazine 1 2019 Content 150dpi 57 11 11 19 17 17

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