How a little wax can make a big difference to your shower experience You might not realize it but a small element filled with a wax mixture drives the safety en gine of your thermostatic shower mixer It is placed within the thermostatic cartridge which blends hot and cold streams of water and ad justs them according to temperature and pres sure fluctuations This ensures that only water with the desired temperature leaves the ther mostat In the event of cold water failure the thermostat shuts hot water down automatically to protect you against scalding In GROHE thermostats a range of advanced technologies are added to the basic functions to make your shower experience even more plea surable At the heart of Grohtherm thermostats is GROHE TurboStat Its unrivalled sensitivity means that it mixes water at the desired tem perature within a fraction of a second and keeps it steady for the duration of your shower Safety is a priority in GROHE shower systems The SafeStop button set at 38º C prevents children from turning up the temperature and GROHE s CoolTouch technology ensures that the entire outer surface never exceeds your preferred shower temperature so your ther mostat won t ever get too hot to handle and protects you against getting burnt on the hot chrome surface GROHE SafeStop Plus also gives you the option to set the shower tem perature to max 43 C THERMO WHAT BEYOND WATER BATHROOM KITCHEN AND WATER STORIES 50 51 Master en 193x257 GROHE BW Magazine 1 2019 Content 150dpi 50 11 11 19 17 17

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