The bathroom has become more than just a shower sink and toilet Bye bye wet room hello feel good oasis Home bathrooms are often overlooked but that per spective has been changing Bathrooms and toilets used to be in a completely separate world purely functional and disconnected from the rest of the living area Now we are beginning to discover how the bathroom is an important component of our home aesthetic The color theme and design materials used in our home should also be reflected in our bathroom We should think of the bathroom as an extension of our interior world by applying similar color materials and even furniture There are no conceptual boundaries anymore the design transition connects all the rooms in a home explains Gudy Herder trend expert at Eclectic Trends 1 Ask yourself The focus now goes back to the person and where they are in their life Ask yourself how can my bathroom counterbalance a hectic life and convey an uncluttered and calming mood Or do I need vibrant surroundings that stimulate and energize instead Color and design can have that impact and give you the boost you need 2 Be bold Social media has given us many more opportunities to experience color combinations by end consumers which can encourage us to try new palettes The more we see the more likely it is that we will try bolder combinations we haven t thought of before In addition color very much reflects our current lifestyle within every single corner of our home And the bath room is no exception Color theory has always told us which color triggers which mood We just have more access to that information now So it s time to find out experiment and start using color 3 Get inspired Why not create your color story with a simple mood board Take some time and think about the mood you would like to reflect in your home Start with a style you feel comfortable with Are you attract ed to a more minimal eclectic rustic style Once you ve defined the style see what colors speak to you and the effect they have on you The aesthetics and design of your bathroom should not feel separate from your home they should be integrated and with the trend heading towards a personal me space where you can unwind and disconnect Ceramics tiles and fittings are now available in a variety of colors and shapes to help you achieve the look feel you desire too Your bathroom your colors With ten different color and finish options for all touch points in the bathroom the GROHE Colors Collection offers a range of combinations designed to suit any taste and any lifestyle Whatever your signature style there is a GROHE color to make your vision become reality There is true consistency across every element from faucets to showers right down to the details of accessories and flush plates making your scheme totally seamless Noth ing is left to chance and the choice is entirely up to you giving you total freedom to design a bathroom that effort lessly embodies your true self But how can I make my color vision a reality Three tips from Gudy Herder Gudy Herder is an international trend consultant keynote speaker and certified trainer based in Barcelona Spain She helps brands and businesses anticipate trends and use them to develop products that inspire people grohe com Master en 193x257 GROHE BW Magazine 1 2019 Content 150dpi 49 11 11 19 17 17

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