What this means for something slightly more modest such as a faucet on planet Earth is significantly higher resistance to abrasion scratches and shock So says Barbosa your bathroom fittings will endure years of use and cleaning agents without fading and without wear ing off It s very long lasting compared to other kinds of coatings And in contrast to other coating processes such as electro plating PVD also produces no waste making it sustainable and environmentally friendly in more ways than one As Barbosa explains PVD is a closed process where you add nothing that needs to be disposed of afterwards Another advantage of PVD especially for people looking to individualize their kitchens and bathrooms is its distinc tively high quality finish which brings the GROHE Colors Collection to life in brilliant new ways The range and vibrancy of the colors offers customers what Barbosa de scribes as incredible freedom of choice when navigating the delicate balance between design and functionality And this is greatly appreciated by customers GROHE ordered two additional machines to meet the high demand for PVD so seven PVD machines will be running in Albergaria by the end of October For Barbosa herself the best fit for her own taste in kitchen fittings would be the classic SuperSteel and for a bathroom the sophisticated look of Brushed Hard Graphite It all depends of course on your own interi or design preferences Whatever they may be GROHE s PVD fittings designed to withstand the test of time and produced using environmentally friendly processes are not only sustainable from start to finish but will continue to look striking and beautiful even after decades of use For sanitary fittings that shine PVD coating gives GROHE s shower heads a distinctive high quality finish BEYOND WATER BATHROOM KITCHEN AND WATER STORIES 44 45 Master en 193x257 GROHE BW Magazine 1 2019 Content 150dpi 44 11 11 19 17 17

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