You might not realize it but the inside of a shower head has much more inside than the outside might lead you to suspect Depending on the model there is a lot of different technology built in gears small moving parts valves seals rockers etc For a shower with just one spray pattern the technology is still relatively straight forward the water shoots through a distribution system at the control which makes sure that the same amount of water flows from the individual jet paths the nozzles You sometimes need to experiment a bit because if you get your physics wrong it is entirely possible that water won t come out of the shower head in one place but instead air will be sucked in due to hydraulic effects at a wrong place says Benedikt Mönig a test and develop ment engineer at GROHE But when it comes to the massage spray pattern the tech nical design is a bit more complicated Since it is simulat ing a massage the water has to flow at a specific speed and pressure Small turbines or paddle wheels with mini gears are installed in the shower head so that the stream of water flows in different directions Switching between different types of jet pattern is also no easy feat in terms of the technology required Here s where the seals come in running over a jet distributor so that the water is distributed from left to right into different chambers The two latest shower technologies from GROHE s Re search and Development department in Hemer Germany are GROHE DripStop and GROHE SmartTip The GROHE Rainshower SmartActive hand shower is equipped with both thus making it the portfolio s most innovative hand shower GROHE DripStop prevents a shower from con tinuing to drip after it has been turned off the clue s in the name On the one hand this has the advantage that water is not wasted unnecessarily and on the other hand you do not get wet again when drying off The GROHE DripStop principle functions like a ketchup bottle as soon as the pressure is relieved no further drops come out of the nozzle In this case the nozzle is not simply a round opening but a membrane that opens and closes under different levels of pressure Mönig explains Another highly technical solution inside GROHE s new SmartActive hand shower that makes a water aficiona do s life a lot more pleasant is its GROHE SmartTip func tion It makes it easy to switch between the different types of spray pattern intuively modes can be selected with the single tap of a button on the back of the show er Instead of working with seals which would require a turning motion the GROHE SmartTip s three valves each smaller than the size of a fingertip move in a tiny flat chamber to distribute the water stream into the different channels and thus creating the spray patters This is all proof that thanks to Benedikt Mönig and his col leagues GROHE s range of shower systems keeps improv ing making the act of showering even more invigorating grohe com Master en 193x257 GROHE BW Magazine 1 2019 Content 150dpi 37 11 11 19 17 16

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