1956 Skalatherm GROHE transforms the home bathroom with thermostats for the domestic market 1968 One Hand Mixer The popular GROHE one hand mixer is introduced to a worldwide market 1973 Kitchen Mixer with Extractable Spout GROHE launches one hand mixers for the kitchen and adds an extractable spout 1983 Relexor A shower and massage system with two rotating brushes the first of its kind 1995 SpeedClean Small but meaningful SpeedClean makes it possible to clean shower nozzles with just a single wipe 2002 CoolTouch GROHE makes showers safer the technology ensures that the thermostat is never too hot to handle 2004 Ondus GROHE introduces its first faucet with a digital interface a true innovation at the time 2009 Blue Red Water Systems The launch of GROHE Blue Red prompts customers to rethink their water consumption 2015 SmartControl SmartControl transforms the shower experience by offering unprecedented comfort 2016 Sensia Arena GROHE s first shower toilet opens up a new dimension of personal care 2017 Sense Sense Guard Water gets a digital dimension with GROHE s first water management system 2019 Icon 3D GROHE launches the first 3D metal printed faucets and shapes the future of design and technology TECHNOLOGIES FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW Sensing shifts in consumer behavior along with global trends of seismic scale namely urbanization and digita lization is what drives technological development today As consumer needs in terms of homes and water change GROHE is still living up to its reputation as a technolog ically pioneering company The resulting innovations aren t just pushing the limits within a category they are inventing whole new categories altogether For example the water management system GROHE Sense is giving water a digital dimension shutting off the water supply automatically when it detects water leaks or a burst pipe as well as transmitting water consumption data tapping into the new trend for intelligent life management that in creases efficiency on every level So as the world around us grows ever more connected and we find ourselves tasked ever more urgently with the stewardship of our natural resources GROHE continues to advance products that complement consumers interests while addressing their most pressing concerns As GROHE CEO Thomas Fuhr says it s about giving you intelligent life changing and sustainable product solutions and services That s how we at GROHE are really shaping the future of water grohe com Master en 193x257 GROHE BW Magazine 1 2019 Content 150dpi 19 11 11 19 17 15

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