The early years of the sanitary industry had seen the in troduction of industrialized manufacturing along with the two handled faucets and automatic flush valves that were central to home plumbing but hardly revolutionary In the ensuing years however GROHE began to innovate in its designs moving away from the basics and towards for ward thinking products that anticipated the consumer s needs These included the 1956 Skalatherm an automat ic mixing valve with integrated thermostat This so called thermostat of the people offered a high degree of pre cision in terms of temperature within seconds making it the only mixing valve used in color photo laboratories which required temperatures to be absolutely accurate due to the extreme sensitivity of the films being developed While the Skalatherm was solely aimed at the domestic market GROHE proved it understood the worldwide need for comfort and convenience when it introduced its one hand mixer on a global scale in 1968 which allowed the user to adjust water temperature and pressure with a sin gle valve After expanding its portfolio to include showers in the late 1970s GROHE brought Relexor the first shower and massage system to the market in 1983 Wellness and fitness were the buzzwords of the time and GROHE re sponded to this need with a shower system that massaged the back with two rotating brushes that could be orient ed towards the different parts of the body What seems pretty standard now was really a revolution back then much like other GROHE technologies such as SpeedClean CoolTouch or the Movario 360 degree shower head when they were released in the following years INVENTIVE BEGINNINGS Collaboration and teamwork are some of the driving forces of success at GROHE both then and now BEYOND WATER BATHROOM KITCHEN AND WATER STORIES 18 19 Master en 193x257 GROHE BW Magazine 1 2019 Content 150dpi 18 11 11 19 17 15

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