grohe com THERMOSTAT WITH GROHE TURBOSTAT TECHNOLOGY ALWAYS THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE FOR ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE AND SAFETY GROHE TurboStat technology lies at the heart of our Grohtherm thermostats The thermoelement s unrivalled sensitivity means it delivers water at the desired temperature within a fraction of a second and keeps it constant for the duration of the shower No more time water and energy wasted getting the temperature right And if the cold water supply fails it reacts instantly the hot water flow will shut off automatically to avoid the risk of scalding Grohtherm thermostats come with a 38 C SafeStop button and can be complemented with an additional limiter at 43 C But more than just controlling the temperature GROHE TurboStat compensates precisely for fluctuations in pressure for a consistently comfortable shower Valve box without mixing device for use with concealed Grohtherm thermostats

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